Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shelfies, Part II: The Home Edition

Greetings once again delightful readers!  As promised, here is Part II of my shelfies post, the one in which you are able to peek into the chaos which is my home o'books.  Mom says that when she first moved in with me, she had nightmares that she was being eaten by the books.   I solved that by purchasing a three-bedroom house.  You will note that none of these photos is from Mom's room.

Shelfies, Part II:  The Home Edition

We begin with my most respectable shelves, those which contain (mostly) books related to my scholarly work.  I have many more of these, of course, and most of my books of this type are actually at my office:

Respectable shelves purchased at Pier One

And I have a lovely shelf in the dining room with actual glass doors:

Contains books on pottery, gardening and cooking

Next are some giant shelves of science fiction and fantasy:

Hmm..there appears to be a pint of pottery glaze there

I also have some short, overfull shelves that desperately need to be replaced:

The pillow pet belongs to Spike the Cat

And some even shorter shelves that are probably not intended for books:

Wicker is not a good material for bookshelves

And, of course, I have a big shelf in the living room for dvds:

There is a naked photo of me here.  Also LOTR pez! 

Then things start to get desperate ridiculous.  My house was built in 1940, so it has a lovely little telephone shelf in the hallway.  It does not hold a telephone:

Loeb Classical edition lives next to Buffy, Season 8

Yet still there are too many books.  Luckily, I have a 2-shelf coffee table:

These are usually covered by a table runner, making this a hidden shelf

And a 2-shelf entertainment center:

Hoping the Wimpy Guy takes courage from Harry Potter

I also have books on my dresser, on the china cabinet, under the bed and in the bathroom.  Alas, there are no photos of them here because Mom says that all of those places are "dusty as sh!t, and you are not allowed to take any pictures until you fix that!  What do you mean, where is the dusting stuff?!  When was the last time you actually dusted something?  When?!"

This is a question that I do not wish to answer, beloved readers, so I will softly and suddenly vanish away....  *

*Don't worry, I'll be back.  With snark, of course.

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