Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I Have Been Doing Instead of Updating This Blog

1. Rearranging my closet to get everything in order by color.  And having trouble figuring out the proper order of the colors.

2. Letting Mom teach me to put a hem in my pants without using a stapler. 

3. Turning the room that I call my home office into an actual functioning home office.

4. Making four trips to Goodwill as a result of turning the room I call my home office into an actual functioning home office.

5. Trying without success to figure out when the new season of Dr. Who premiers on BBC America.

6. Playing Castleview.  Shut up.  Those gloom wolves are nasty.

7. Preparing for my fall courses and working on my own research and writing.

8. Searching the local stores in an endless and futile quest to find the perfect pants hangers.

9. Grokking Spock.

10. Rubbing various wounds with topical benedryl.  The cats do not like it when I rearrange, well, anything.

All in all, I think it's time for the semester to start.  I may be getting out of hand.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Do Not Like This [Autumn] Cold

 I Do Not Like This Summer Autumn Cold

I do not, do not like this cold.
The blowing, sneezing’s getting old.
My head aches and my throat’s in pain;
I think this cold has squished my brain.
Sneeze in the dark, sneeze in my tea!
Sneeze in the car! Cold, let me be!
I cannot leave this kleenex box.
I cannot find my fluffy socks.
I’m tired of huddling in this house
Just jiggling this computer mouse.
I’m tired of sneezing here and there.
I’m tired of sneezing EVERYWHERE!

I do not like
this summer autumn cold!

I do not like it,
[expletive deleted]!