Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shelfies, Part 1

Hello, lovely readers!  What a beautiful spring day it is today! How I would love to be outside, relaxing with a book and sneezing due to my persistent allergies on this fine day!  However, I must teach and grade and attend committee meetings because I am a Responsible Adult and not some kind of anarchist.


Anyway, I decided that today is the day that I will upload my shelfies.  Now, many of you, precious readers, are inundated with the hated selfies posted by narcissistic facebook addicts wonderful friends and colleagues, but you may not know that academics, in all of our adorable craziness, have responded to this trend by posting shelfies, photos of our beloved bookshelves. 

Because posting photos that show that we are deep intellectuals who read and read and read is not narcissistic at all, of course.

So here is Part I:  my Office Shelfies

Ancient Texts Guarded by a Tribble and a Bat!

Old English Literature with Pottery and Rune-napkins

Medieval lit and Holy Grail ale
My Sonic Screwdrivers obviously belong with Arthurian lit
18th c. Lit Gets Its Own Teapot
SF for Darth Tater, but Dragon Likes Sports Fiction
The Multi-Level Window Shelf!
The Compact OED:  Too Big for Its Shelves

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