Monday, June 25, 2012

Real Conversations with Mom: Watching People Work

Mom:  You have been very energetic today.  I approve of this.

Me:  But you have been lazy today.  You didn't even put on pants.

Mom:  I know it.  Today is a lazy day.

Me:  I worked all day, first at the office, then here at home.

Mom:  I love that.  I love to watch other people work.

Me:  I guess that makes sense.  You are old now and had to work hard all of your life.

Mom:  First of all, don't call me old!  Second, I have always liked to watch other people work.

Me:  But you don't like to talk to people that much.

Mom:  No, no.  I just want to watch them work.  I like to watch them work hard.

Me:  You should have been a queen.  Or a cat.

Mom:  In this house, I am the queen!  And don't forget to fold those sheets.  And get me some brandy.

Me:  I am just a beast of burden.

Mom:  Not a very good one.  I'm still waiting for that brandy.

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