Monday, March 12, 2012

Real Questions from My Sister

"Do you know that you have twenty-eight pieces of pottery in the living room?  I think you need a new hobby."

"Does the cat actually drink out of a bowl on the kitchen counter?!"

"Seriously?  Seriously?!"

"Do you know what this pillow smells like?!"

"Can you please do something about the bathmat?  My daughter has to change her socks whenever she goes in there."

"Do you really think I would watch any of those movies?  Please."

"Seriously?  Seriously?!"

"You don't want me to go down in the basement because it's messy?  You?!  You're kidding, right?"

"You'd better not be telling me that you let the cat drink out of the ice trays and then serve the ice cubes to people, okay?  Because that's just gross."

"What purpose does that table actually serve?  You can't be using it as a desk with all that junk on it?  Why do you even call that your office?  What can you really do in it?  You're ridiculous."

"Seriously?!  How can you roll a double-six whenever I start to get ahead?  We're playing another game.  We're playing until I win."

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