Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ugly Pottery

As some of you know, I like to make pottery as a hobby.  With some encouragement from friends, I've posted some photos of my better pieces to facebook; with no encouragement from anyone, I've forced nearly everyone I know to take pieces of pottery because the problem with this hobby is that, well, you just keep getting more pottery.  Some of it is nice, but all of it collects dust.  And I don't dust.

Some pieces, however, are so awful that, even covered in dust, I cannot bring myself to thrust them at unsuspecting acquaintances.  I keep them around my house, where they lurk accusingly, flaunting their misshapen bodies until, sooner or later, I toss them in the trash.

There's a lot of trash on the internet.  Here's some more.

This one is from my first pottery workshop, and while others in the class used this technique to make really neat bowls, I ended up with something the color and shape of smashed feces.

It was supposed to be a vase, but it looks more like a post-apocalyptic burned out building from a bad science fiction film to me.

I suppose that runny glaze happens to every potter, but how many insist on using the same glaze again and again hoping for a different result?  Sadly, this could have been a nice mug.

Of course, sometimes this happens:  the inside of this bowl looks lovely, but the outside, done exactly the same way, looks like colored chalk.

This egregious little jar looks like it belongs on the Cake Wrecks blog under "Colors Icing Should Never Be."

Generally, it's a good idea to know which lid belongs to which jar so that they actually match.  Of course, nothing could match that lid anyway.

There just aren't any words for this one.

Now, don't go adding comments saying that these aren't that bad.  I assure you, they look far worse in person than they do in these photos.  Thankfully, now that I've sent their images into cyberspace, I will no longer hesitate to send them on to the landfill.

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