Monday, December 19, 2011

A Brief Interlude, in Which We Answer Questions about the Blog

Cast of Characters:

Me played by Me
Artemis (pseudonym for Me) also played by Me

 Q and A:

Artemis:   "So, I have a few questions for you about this blog.  Would you mind interrupting your busy cookie-baking schedule to satisfy my curiosity?"

Me:  "I'd be delighted.  The mulled wine cookies were a disaster, and I find myself in genuine need of a diversion."

Artemis:  "First of all, and I hope you don't mind if I'm blunt, but there have been some comments about the language in your first blog entry.  I see here that in spite of the fact that you do not have an adult content warning on your blog, you have used a few expletives, to wit:  damn, hell and frak.  Don't you feel this is a bit indecorous?"

Me: "If you would refer to that very same blog entry, you will note that I have no sense of decorum, so the fact that my language can be a touch salty should not come as a complete surprise.  I have decided, however, to limit my use of expletives to three:  damn, hell and curse words from science fiction."

Artemis:  "The latter category then is not limited to the word frak?"

Me:  "Oh, indeed, not!  I'm certain that the word frell will appear at some appropriate time, and I'm conducting research into the less savory conversation of the Time Lords as well."

Artemis:  "Will you be referring to anyone as a p'tahk, perchance?"

Me:  "Possibly, possibly.  One never knows when one will need to drop a bit of klingon into one's prose, but I am prepared for that eventuality."

Artemis:  "I'm relieved to hear it.  But you will not be using stronger expletives in your blog?  Given your lack of decorum, one wonders why not?"

Me:  "As you know, being, of course, me, I am in fact a professor, a condition that involves having students on a somewhat regular basis."

Artemis:  "Yes, yes, I accept that.  So you're restricting your use of expletives to avoid setting a bad example?"

Me:  "Ah, that would be a nice explanation!  Let's go with that, shall we?"

Artemis:  "Wait, you had another explanation..."

Me: "But I like yours better!  Yes, I'm trying to set a good example for my students.  Write it up just that way."

Artemis:  "If I must.  But it seems to me you're being deliberately infuriating."

Me:  "Being me, you should know."

Artemis:  "Speaking of students, will you be including any anecdotes about them on this blog?  I believe you have a great many humorous tales concerning those who've come through your classroom."

Me:  "I do, but none of them will be posted here."

Artemis:  "No tales about students?!"

Me:  "Certainly not.  A professor has a certain amount of power over students, not only by virtue of the authority to record grades, but also due to age and experience.  Self-deprecating humor is delightful, but when the powerful ridicule the less powerful, well, that's just distasteful."

Artemis:  "Very high-minded of you.  Almost suspiciously so.  Please remember that, being you, I have a certain insight into your true motivations."

Me:  "Oh, very well.  If I started blogging about students, I'm fairly certain I would, sooner or later, get fired."

Artemis:  "Reluctantly, I must agree."

Me:  "I'm glad.  I really do hate when we fight."

Artemis:  "Naturally.  Since I am, of course, you, we always lose in the end."

Me:  "Though we win as well.  And on that note, we must both repair to the kitchen to work on removing those wine stains."

Artemis:  "Frell."

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