Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mom's Reaction to a Moving Commercial

So one of my friends posted this ad from the Sochi Olympics to facebook today:

And while watching it, I remembered Mom's reaction to it when it ran on tv, and, gentle readers, I was inspired to share it with you:

Mom:  "Huh.  That is a very sad commercial.  It makes me want to cry."

Me:  "It's very moving, but why does it make you sad?"

Mom:  "All those moms."

Me:  "Yes? All those moms what?"

Mom:  "All those moms have kids who learned to stop falling down.  I will never be one of those moms.  This is very sad."

Me:  "Now, Mom..."

Mom:  "Did you see?  Those kids learned to ski and skate and jump and win Olympic medals without falling down.  What have you learned to do without falling down?"

Me:  "Well..."

Mom:  "Nothing!  You have learned to do nothing without falling down!  You slip in the driveway when you get the paper!  You fall out of your desk chair because you lean too far!  You fell out of the car the other day!"

Me:  "That was the squirrel's fault."

Mom:  "I do not want to hear about that squirrel anymore!  I want to hear about all the times I picked you up and patched you up and told you to be careful!  But you never learned not to fall.  Never, never, never."

Me:  "I'm sorry."

Mom:  "All those moms..."

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