Monday, January 5, 2015

A Brief Conversation with a Friendly Neighbor

A Friendly Neighbor:  "Hey, how do you feel about mead?"

Me:  "I'm against it."

Same Friendly Neighbor:  "'re a middle ages person, right?"

Me:  "That's why you should accept my authority on this matter.  Alliterative verse, yes; mead, no."

Yet the Same Friendly Neighbor:  "Well, we can't gather around getting drunk on alliterative verse!"

Me:  "Perhaps not.  But you can gather around and watch me get drunk on alliterative verse."

Still Trying to Be Friendly Neighbor:  "I think I'll just get beer."

Me:  "Beer goes very well with alliterative verse!"

Neighbor Who Has Now Given Up:  "Okay, poetry for you, beer for us.  And you need to trim those shrubs."

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