Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Week's Funniest Facebook Posts: End of Semester Edition

Ah, today is graduation day, beloved readers, so I am in my office very, very early in order to get a decent parking spot.  Also, I am dripping all over the floor from the chilly rain that I sauntered through at 7am.

But, fear not!  Even on a gloomy-looking day, there is humor on the internets!

This Week's Funniest Facebook Posts:  End of Semester Edition
  1. Tepid.  Everything today is tepid.  Even my shoes.
  2. I thought it was a completely sketchy song about coming alone to meet someone in a room and then turning all lovey dovey because someone brought them some fruit. 
  3. If I had a clone, that clone would do all of my grading.  But then again, I am a bastard.
  4. So it turns out that a Manhattan is basically a big glass of whiskey. 
  5. "You can still post while offline." Oddly encouraging. 
  6. Just got done doing laundry. She ate two more pairs of my goddamn underwear TODAY! 
  7. Graduation is like this big cliff thing, and you have to jump off of it, and you don’t have enough beer. 
  8.  "Please don't let your teardrops smudge your work." --me, handing out my Linear Algebra exams. 
  9. You are not the cruise director for the library. 
  10. According to Martha Stewart, bourbon marshmallows exist.

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