Thursday, May 29, 2014


Good evening, gentle readers!  In my on-going quest to be a weak, less-funny version of the great Jenny Lawson, I have taken the Bloggess's advice today, and put my name in a site called "googlism" which is supposed to tell you what google thinks about you.

The first results were complimentary, but disappointing:

  • natalie grinnell is fabulous
  • natalie grinnell is probably the cutest sweetest girl i know glad to have her as a friend ? pic
  • natalie grinnell is the founder and creative director of studio 41 creative
So google thinks I'm fabulous (of course), that I'm a cute, sweet friend whose pic it wants (sorry, google, I'm just not that into you),  and the founder of a company I've never heard of.  Huh.

So I took off the last name and just entered "Natalie."  Here are my favorite results:
  • natalie is now classicnatalie
  • natalie is a single ukrainian woman
  • natalie is still really stupid
  • natalie is a pseudonym for heather
  • natalie is a lot of woman
  • natalie is seen here with a portable burner doing some hands on heating of green copper carbonate which turned to black copper oxide
  • natalie is tall and lithe
  • natalie is a full professor
  • natalie is a tough cookie
  • natalie is hot and she's in freakin' star wars
  • natalie is going to run the entire world
  • natalie is captured by an evil spellmage called hawk
  • natalie is also a former shadow of herself
  • natalie is a goddess unregistered user
  • natalie is a magnificent magpie
And this Natalie is going to pretend that Natalie Portman and Natalie Wood and Natalie from the Dixie Chicks don't exist, so that she can imagine that google really does think she's all of these things at once.

Except for a pseudonym for Heather.  That's one's obviously ridiculous.

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