Friday, October 11, 2013

Real Conversations with Mom: Science Fiction is a Bad Influence

Mom:  Wait.  Why do they want to kill him?

Me:  Because, um, she has a new personality, and he goes around and kills people each time she shows up, but if they kill him now that can't happen.

Mom:  She has a new personality?

Me:  She's Lexi now, but last season she was Audrey.

Mom:  Did she get hit on the head?

Me:  No, she went into a barn.

Mom:  A barn?

Me:  A disappearing, reappearing barn that is apparently dying.  When she goes inside, she gets a new personality.

Mom:  From a barn

Me:  Yes.  Sort of.  Stop looking at me like that.  Seriously, don't look at me that way!

Mom:  I will look at you any way I want.  I have a little broken hand, I am the queen of this house, and if you don't unload that dishwasher tonight, I will put you in that barn!

Me:  Mother

Mom:  Into the barn you will go!  And I will get a daughter with a new personality.  And lots of money. 

Me:  I don't think you should watch science fiction anymore.  It's giving you bad ideas.

Mom:  Into the barn! 

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