Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oddities on Office Doors

This is a brief post, lovely readers, and like all-too-few committee reports, it will consist mostly of pictures instead of words.

I have posted in the past about my door hangers and how I have gotten completely out of control with them, and as a result, one of you queried me about the office doors of my colleagues.  So today, desperate to ease my aching limbs from the rigors of grading, I slouched up and down the hallways of my building, snapping illicit photographs of my colleagues' doors.  I do not know what you will conclude about said colleagues from these images, but I myself will resist the urge to extrapolate their meanings.

I do believe that there are two hands at work here, one responding saucily to the other

This beast is unnamed, yet strangely familiar

This warning adorns the entrance to the realm of a renaissance scholar

For what, we do not know.
Who, indeed, is not?

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