Saturday, May 23, 2015

Being Interesting

My Doctor:  "Well, everything looks good.  Do you have any concerns?"

Me:  "I did hear about this thing called a thundershirt, and I wondered if they make them for people."

My Doctor:  "What is a thundershirt?"

Me:  "It's this shirt that you put on dogs to make them less anxious during thunderstorms.  Ever since the giant poplar tree fell on my house, I get very upset during thunderstorms.  So I am thinking that I could use a shirt like that."

My Doctor:  "There are meds you can take, but unless this is causing genuine panic attacks..."

Me:  "No, no!  I want a thundershirt.  It's supposed to reduce anxiety without meds, plus I could yell at the sky and say, 'You can't get me!  I'm wearing a thundershirt!'"

My Doctor:  "Why don't you just take an old t-shirt and write thundershirt on it with a sharpie?  Then you can shout all you like."

Me:  "You know, that is not a bad idea at all.  You're a better doctor than I thought you were."

My Doctor:  "You are a very interesting patient.  Very interesting."

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