Sunday, January 15, 2012

Real Conversation in a Dublin Pub

Dubliner: So, how long are ya staying' then?

Me: Seventeen days.

Dubliner: Lovely. And these students of yours, they're good ones?

Me: Yes, they've been wonderful.

Dubliner: No callin' ya out of bed or anythin?

Me: No, nothing like that.

Dubliner: Then do ya mind if I ask ya a bit of a personal question, then?

Me: Go right ahead.

Dubliner: Do all Americans wear their shirts wrong way out when they travel?

Me: [discovering the tag on my sweater on the outside] Only when we're lacking a pint.

Dubliner: Ah! Let's get the lass a pint then before she starts wearing' the wrong shoes on 'er feet!

Me: I love Ireland.

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