Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brief Conversation with Mom: Rock n Roll

Mom:  "I must be really, really old."

Me:  "Why do you say that?"

Mom:  "Because I hate all of this music."

Me:  "Mother, you have always hated rock.  Always.   Or since the seventies at least."

Mom:  "No I didn't!  I liked rock music!"

Me:  "Name one rock star that you like."

Mom:  "Well..."

Me: "A rock star who is still alive."

Mom:  "Oh.  That's hard. Wait."

Me:  "I'm waiting."

Mom:  "Pat Boone.  I like Pat Boone."

Me:  "He's dead, Mom."

Mom:  "No, he is not!"

Me:  "And he is definitely not a rock star."

Mom:  "What about the Beagles?  I liked the Beagles."

Me:  "Oh, Mom."

Mom:  "I know some of the Beagles are still alive."

Me:  "This conversation is going on the blog."

Mom: "The Beagles were good!  You don't know anything about good music."

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  1. "This conversation is going on the blog." Awesome.