Friday, August 2, 2013

Things I Have Learned from Dr. Who

  1. The Prime Directive is bosh, the Temporal Prime Directive, even more so
  2. Choose your accessories carefully: excessive scarves, bits of celery and jaunty bow ties bring a note of whimsy, but fezzes will not be tolerated.
  3.  Anti-intellectualism will not defeat the Great Intelligence
  4.  Getting where you need to be is more important than getting where you want to be.
  5. Fix the cracks in your walls.  Now.
  6. The ability to make a proper tea automatically gives you Top Secret clearance and an introduction to the resident extra-terrestrial
  7. Always carry a screwdriver.  Unless you have a good lipstick.
  8. Do not commit genocide.  The universe doesn't like it.
  9. Don't blink.
  10. Size matters, but mostly on the inside.

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