Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I am a Pain When I Have a Cold

1. The tea is too damn hot.
2. This blanket is itchy.
3. The tea is icky and lukewarm.
4. I have to go to work today, and I don't want to.  And there are no fishy crackers to take as a snack.  I was going to give a quiz, but I don't want to grade any quizzes, so there will be no damn quizzes today!
5. Someone stole my pillow from my office!  What do you mean, I threw it out?  I did not!  Oh, yes, that happened with the pens.  Maybe I threw it out.  Dammit, I stole my own pillow from my office and threw it out!  I suck.
6. These are not the right tissues.  I wanted the ones with the menthol.  Yes, they do.  YES, they do.  Dammit, I've bought them before, stop arguing with me and get me my menthol tissues!
7. The tea is too damn hot.
8. They do not sell pillows in the campus bookstore.  Not comfy ones that fit on my desk.  No, this Riverside Chaucer is not comfortable, but I threw out my pillow, and I don't have anything else, so just shut up please and go away.
9.  Hah!  Here is the thunder-tea!  I will drink the thunder-tea and go to my afternoon meetings!
10.  The thunder-tea tastes like bilge.  And it's too damn hot.

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